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League of World War I Aviation Historians’ Podcasts

The league of WWI Aviation Historians have a new, monthly podcast called ‘Over the Front Radio.’  on Warbird Radio.

They have held a few ‘League Weeks’ in the past, where each night a different historian discusses some aspect of WWI aviation.  It is great to see new shows appearing more frequently with the new format.

There is an index of the past League Week podcasts at:
My favorite episodes are the 9/28 Fred Murrin talk on flying WWI airplanes and the 4/21 Peter Kilduff talk on Manfred von Richtofen.

I liked this work enough to join the League myself, even though I’m not a historian.  The magazine covers alone are worth it:



What’s your favorite episode?


Improved Tagging and Videos

Tonight RCFlugLog went live with two improvements:

1.  Tagging of planes is much improved.   You can now select existing tags from a drop-down or just type and hit <enter> to create new tags on the fly:

Improved tags


2.  You can add the URL of the YouTube or Vimeo page containing a video and that video will be embedded on your plane’s detail page.