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Flying Aerobatics in a P-51

I was fortunate to log an hour of dual instruction in a P-51 (TF-51).   Here’s the video:

0:00 Checklist and engine start

7:42 first run-up and checklist

11:29 Take Off

13:57 “You’ve got the airplane.” “I have the plane.”

26:45 Power-On Stall

28:05 Power-On Stall when in right turn (more pronounced)

30:01 Wing-over to the left

31:04 Aileron Roll

31:53 Aileron Roll #2 (smoother)

32:18 Nice side view from horizontal stabilizer

32:53 Barrel Roll

35:28 Loop 38:06 Immelmann (modern version)

39:44 Nice side view w/turn

40:27 Split-S

41:26 Playing in the clouds

42:28 “Pretend that’s a bomber and go shoot it down”

43:10 Victory Roll (nice tail view)

44:22 Level flying just below the cloud layer

48:43 Talking w/tower left-break approved (w/side view)

51:40 Radio – left break cleared to land

52:40 Break Left over the airport

53:12 Gear down, system check, flaps down, down-wind leg

54:15 Short Final and Landing

57:33 S-turns while taxiing