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Flying Aerobatics in a P-51

I was fortunate to log an hour of dual instruction in a P-51 (TF-51).   Here’s the video:

0:00 Checklist and engine start

7:42 first run-up and checklist

11:29 Take Off

13:57 “You’ve got the airplane.” “I have the plane.”

26:45 Power-On Stall

28:05 Power-On Stall when in right turn (more pronounced)

30:01 Wing-over to the left

31:04 Aileron Roll

31:53 Aileron Roll #2 (smoother)

32:18 Nice side view from horizontal stabilizer

32:53 Barrel Roll

35:28 Loop 38:06 Immelmann (modern version)

39:44 Nice side view w/turn

40:27 Split-S

41:26 Playing in the clouds

42:28 “Pretend that’s a bomber and go shoot it down”

43:10 Victory Roll (nice tail view)

44:22 Level flying just below the cloud layer

48:43 Talking w/tower left-break approved (w/side view)

51:40 Radio – left break cleared to land

52:40 Break Left over the airport

53:12 Gear down, system check, flaps down, down-wind leg

54:15 Short Final and Landing

57:33 S-turns while taxiing



Plane Spotter

My new Android app Plane Spotter is now live in the Google Play Store.

It was born at the Wings and Warbirds over Port Clinton airshow.  I was trying to learn about a plane there and had great trouble entering the FAA registration number into the FAA website.

Wit the app you can either type in the number or speak it (using the phonetic or normal alphabet) and then see the results.

Check it out – it is free!



Plane Spotter page in Google Play Store

Plane Spotter