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SSL Errors fixed and new Logbooks

SSL Errors
The SSL errors you may have been seeing are now fixed.   This was also preventing the mobile apps from synching.   They work again as well.   Thanks for your patience.

A newer feature to the site are the community and personal logbooks.   These present flights as if they were in an actual book.  Click on the links to see the respective logbooks.

Calm air and blue skies.

Mobile RC Flight Logging Application

I’m pleased to show you the first release of the mobile application for logging RC flights at the field:

Logging a (very long) flight on Android.

This is currently a HTML 5 offline web application.  An Android application will be in the Play Store soon.

Full details and links to the app are on the RC Flug Log Mobile Apps Page.


RC Flug-Log now has scale:


Just enter the full-size plane’s wingspan.

Improved Tagging and Videos

Tonight RCFlugLog went live with two improvements:

1.  Tagging of planes is much improved.   You can now select existing tags from a drop-down or just type and hit <enter> to create new tags on the fly:

Improved tags


2.  You can add the URL of the YouTube or Vimeo page containing a video and that video will be embedded on your plane’s detail page.