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Online Free RC Books

Most of you are probably familiar with Outerzone as a source of RC model plans, but did you know they have a sister site called RC Library that has many free RC Books and magazines that are out of print?

Check it out!


Dave Scott has a new column up on the AMA’s Model Aviation site called Mastering the Loop.   He goes into great detail explaining how to fly a loop in a controlled, precise, and round (!) manner.  While yanking that rudder will loop the plane, it can be a whole lot more precise.  Check it out…


Controlling the throttle in a loop.

Free Online WW1 Aviation Class

Future learn and the BBC are sponsoring a free online WW1 Aviation class starting February 9th:

We’ll look at the innovations that turned the aeroplane into a machine of war and how British factories developed to supply the Western Front with aircraft and ammunition. We’ll examine how the aeroplane became commercially viable, with passenger and mail routes starting to appear, and how the government tried – and failed – to regulate the aviation industry.

I’m signed up. See you there?



Introduction to Electric RC Flying

Just found this great introduction to electric motors in RC over at the Watt Flyer Forum.   I’ve been flying electric for years and still found new information.

Check it out!

League of World War I Aviation Historians’ Podcasts

The league of WWI Aviation Historians have a new, monthly podcast called ‘Over the Front Radio.’  on Warbird Radio.

They have held a few ‘League Weeks’ in the past, where each night a different historian discusses some aspect of WWI aviation.  It is great to see new shows appearing more frequently with the new format.

There is an index of the past League Week podcasts at:
My favorite episodes are the 9/28 Fred Murrin talk on flying WWI airplanes and the 4/21 Peter Kilduff talk on Manfred von Richtofen.

I liked this work enough to join the League myself, even though I’m not a historian.  The magazine covers alone are worth it:



What’s your favorite episode?