The mobile application is intended to be a non-intrusive way to log your flights while flying. It is not a replacement for the full RC Flug Log website though. The idea is that you are at the field to fly and not play with phones.

Getting Started

  • Install the native application or visit the HTML-5 Web Application on your mobile device.
  • Run the application. It will prompt you to enter your RC Flug Log login name and password.
  • The application will download your planes, fields, and batteries from the RC Flug Log servers.
  • That's it! You are ready to fly.

Logging a Flight

  • Select the plane and battery you will be using.
  • Press 'Start'. The counter will begin timing your flight.
  • Fly!!
  • Press 'Stop'
  • The page will change. You optionally add a flight report and addtional details. Or you can just press 'Save this Flight.'
  • The application will upload the new flight immediately if it can. Otherwise the new flights are stored and you select 'Menu->Synchronize' once you return home.



There is a free Android client for logging flights and reviewing your planes availble in the Android store.


IOS devices may be natively supported in the future. Please use the HTML 5 application below until that time.

Windows Phone

Windows Phone users shoudl use the HTML 5 application below.

HTML 5 / Other Platforms

Other platforms should be able to use the HTML 5 Web Application to log flights. The application will work even when you are offline once you have loaded the application at the URL below and have entered your RC FLug Log username and password.

Please visit this URL from your mobile device to use the HTML 5 application: /static/m/index.html
(Once you have visited that page and syncrhonized with the RC Flug Log Server, the HTML 5 application will work even when disconnected from the Internet.)