Simple Fokker

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32.0 in (81.3 cm)
Wing Area:
272.0 sq in (17.5 dm^2)
Weight (less battery):
9.7 oz (274 g)
Wing Loading:
5.1 oz/ft^2 (15.6 g/dm^2)
Cubic Wing Loading:
Full-Scale Wingspan:
29.0 ft (8.8 m)
Center of Gravity:


Blue Wonder
Default Battery:


Here's my 32" Simple Fokker. AUW w/1000 mAh WowRC 3cell is 274g ( 9.8 oz ). AUW - battery is 184 g ( 6.57 oz ). I needed the battery weight to get it to balance at 33%. That seems like a lot though.

I went with a KF on the top wing and pull-pull on everything. The ailerons were a pain to rig for pull pull. I had cut the ailerons so they didn't come in to the centerline very close, so mounting a single servo in the middle with push rods wouldn't work out. I didn't want to recut the ailerons, but in retrospect that would have been a good idea.

AUW w/1000 mAh WowRC 3cell is 274g ( 9.8 oz ). AUW without battery is 184 g ( 6.57 oz ). I needed the battery weight to get it to balance at 33%.

Other notes:
s a matter of fact I did just this morning on the way in to work. She was beautiful - nice scale take off and climb out. Smooth.

I was running a GWS 8x43. I think the 9x40 will be better and that's what I'll try next time out.

Unfortunately I lost her as I was adjusting the elevator trim. When I looked back it was in a corkscrew spiral and I was too low to pull out in time. Just bent some foam on top of the motor area, broken prop, and loosened the aileron servo. A little glue and she'll be back good as new. I was happily surprised to see that the top wing held tight and there was no damage to it. The KF airfoil makes them tough, and the struts hold real well when embedded into the wings.

SF is sure a nice plane. Thanks for the plans Glen.

Re-maidened my SF after the rebuild. She only gained 2 grams ( now at 186g 6.64oz auw less battery ) due to the repairs. That's not too bad.

Went through 3 batteries, 2 3-cell 1000mAh and a 2-cell 1000 mAh. Flies great on either, with the 2 cell being very scale like. Combat of course will require the 3 cell! Still playing with props. Started with a 9043 GWS slow-flyer and then tried a 8060 gws slow-flyer. Not enough thrust with the latter, so I went back with the 9043. Next thing is to try a 8040 HD and bench a 10" on the wattmeter to see what that pulls. I'm open to any suggestions. It's running a 1200kv blue-wonder from LazerToyz.

The thing that surprised me the most was how well the plane rolls. My rolls are still pretty ugly, more like pretzels, but the SF rolls were pretty close to a linear roll.

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